The Art Of
Natural Light Portraits

A Workshop by Len Grinke Photography

Saturday March 23, 2024

10am - 4pm

Cost - $299

Mastering Natural and Available Light Portraits

Embarking on the journey of portrait photography can be an enlightening experience, and this upcoming natural and available light portrait workshop is designed to equip both enthusiasts and pros with the essential skills to excel in this art form. This specialized workshop delves into the magic of natural and available light, unveiling their nuances and teaching participants how to harness their beauty to create mesmerizing portraits. Throughout the workshop, attendees will gain hands-on experience in manipulating sunlight and available ambient light, understanding their subtleties, and employing various techniques to capture stunning portraits, all while working with professional models. From mastering the art of positioning subjects to utilizing reflectors and embracing diverse environmental conditions, this workshop offers a comprehensive guide to crafting compelling images through the interplay of light and the subject’s unique essence. Join master photographer Len Grinke in this immersive journey where he will uncover the secrets behind captivating natural and available light portraits, empowering you to create compelling portraits with natural and ambient light.

A six hour, hands on workshop that will change the way you approach to natural and available light  portrait photography!

What You Will Learn

  1. l The Principles Of Light
  2. l Controlling The Quality Of Light
  3. | Shaping natural and available light
  4. | Combine Natural light and available Light in a single image
  5. | Seeing Natural Light
  6. | Using a window as your light source


Workshop Date: Saturday March 23, 2024

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: To Be Decided

Registration: $299

The Four Elements Of Light

This workshop, mastering the art of portrait photography will revolve around the pivotal understanding and application of the four elemental components of light: Quantity, Quality, Direction, and Color. These elements serve as the cornerstone of the learning experience, emphasizing their paramount importance in shaping the mood, texture, depth, and emotional resonance within portraits. Participants will delve deeply into these aspects, learning how to manipulate and harness each element effectively. Understanding and utilizing these fundamental aspects of light will not only refine technical skills but also empower photographers to craft compelling narratives, using light as a tool to create portraits that resonate profoundly with viewers.

David Bong 01

Facial Lighting Patterns

Facial lighting patterns play an instrumental role in defining the mood, character, and dimensionality within portrait photography. Understanding and utilizing various lighting patterns is key to accentuating different facial features and conveying specific emotions or narratives. Mastering these lighting patterns allows photographers to sculpt the mood and storytelling within portraits, accentuating the subject’s unique features and character.

Controlling Light

In the realm of portrait photography, it is the photographers ability to manipulate and control light that will not only dictate the mood, ambiance, and emphasis within a portrait, but also empower the photographer to convey a specific narrative or evoke a desired emotions. Ultimately, lighting control is an artful skill that allows photographers to elevate the impact and resonance of each portrait.